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I have taken to taking my yarn and needles and hooks and other artsy stuff out and about with me.  I attended a Black History Symposium yesterday, and since I have a lot on my mind and in order to keep calm inside and be in the moment I carried my new little Feather and Fan project along with me.  While on Twitter I picked up some new blog interests such as newstitchaday he teaches people to stitch one day at a time.  I have never really been much into lace, but after looking at the crystal clear video and seeing the super simple instructions  it made me want to do it.  I chose a modified pattern with no repeat and a fine yarn.  They are to become socks for a little baby girl.   So during the waiting time at the event, some of the long speeches and longer entertainment segment I knit away.  People were smiling and kids were very interested.  One little boy got closer to me and just dreamily watched and then reached out and touched the end of one of my sticks.  Oh, man you could not tell me I was not making magic.

My evening was filled with more stitching and I switched over to crochet.  Before I could begin this little boot making project I had to rip out the pair that I had already made.  Here are the ripped out ones, stuffed with men’s handkerchiefs and no fur added, since they are getting ripped anyway.  Cute I think I could have given them away, but I can’t spare the yarn right now.

Again these little gems are for a little baby girl – my Granddaughter.  Soon she will be too big for this cutsie stuff and we will have to start making sweet sassy stuff.  Any way the pattern is based on this one.  When I say based I mean based.  Mine have their own little look.  Maybe I should say it has its own look.  I only made one last night, started the second, but fell asleep.  Asleep after a few hours of surfing for more blogs and tips.  Mostly for my students or fellow enthusiasts of thread arts.  People are not always the best at googling, yahooing, or binging to tap in to the plethora of help on the internet’Oshpere.  Spent a good bit of time on knitting on the net.  I can’t take credit for it as my own find, I was pointed over there accidentally.  Ends up being a happy accident.

When my little booty boots are done I will post them on Ravelry and probably here too.  Wish me luck, it would be a shame if I acquire 2nd boot syndrome.


February 20, 2011. Crochet, Uncategorized.


  1. Stephanie replied:

    Thanks for stopping by the Unfinished Project Party blog. I appreciate your comments! I can’t wait to see your finished sewing projects. 🙂

    • sewsassy1 replied:

      Stephanie you are welcome. I feel that I may even have successfully added you to my BlogRoll. I will get over to your site again soon.

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