What isn’t happening?

This 2011 has started off with unrest, unease and unsurety.  All of my life I have been aware that we may be over here on our continent, but the rest of the world is still very connected to us and us to them.  Egypt is so heavily on my mind.  While out and about this week I heard some really passionate and UN-spun opinions from people that are not drive by news enthusiasts.  The discussions are so indepth and I really fealt like my little town had its own little United Nations.  People here are from everywhere and since Egypt is homeland to them or their loved ones they stay in touch and consider themselves to be active.  They moved here for lots of reasons, some would have wished to return someday and others not, they are passionate about USA affairs, Egyptian affairs and the betterment of all people.

I really am proud of people for standing up for their rights, fairness and betterment of not just themselves but of others.  For those that are not plugged in to the world this will seem like news to them in 20 years.  News can be boring, but so can life and we keep tuning to that.  Let us all engage and take interest in this thing called earth and encourage our children and friends to read the news of lands far away.  People of lands far away (not soooo far though) take interest in us and know our history when they come over to our land.  Many of us have dreams of travel, to a place because of whatever reason and never take time to know some history of the place and its people, some of whom are of the same people.

Engage more, care deeply, judge less.


February 20, 2011. Uncategorized.

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