Movies -Wham bam Interesting Ma’am

I remember going to the movies when I was a kid. Usually with friends and we had our minds all made up about how we were going to probably cry or die or whatever. Movie experience is not the same anymore. Anticipation is eh, participation is eh. Maybe they are giving away too much during the promos or maybe I just hate being told what to do. I am not going to review or bash any movies at this time, in case you are wondering, but I will say that I took the bait from some of the films I have heard of over the past few months. This here person is lost.

When I say lost I don’t mean like I was distracted and stepped away and came back and just could not follow along, I mean lost as in not even sure how they got on the silver screen let alone my meager home type screen. This is what I am thinking. Maybe it does not work when they promoter tells you about how you will cry, or be riveted, or what foreign audiences did before, during or after the movie. I know one thing, I am just going to always have emergency stitch work along with me. I can knit or crochet by match light if called upon.

While I love all the fancy awards shows, mostly for the fashions, and effects I think I will continue to choose movies based on my own interest. What they call Blockbusters are not busting my block.

Enter stitching…family troubles called on me to be still and available. Mostly mended and repaired from one tiny area of my home instead of my shop. Needed to be by the house phone, cell phone, and internet at all times. I knit and crochet during a spell of Twittering. Excellent distraction from the horrid movies. I have this cute little idea for Easter things for babies. For motivation watched ‘The Secret’ which is not such a secret anymore. The content on that DVD really gets my blood pumping and the imagination growing, and my feet and hands moving. I highly recommend it. It’s not a movie, it’s ‘The Secret’. I hope to attract safety, health, well-being, prosperity, and abundance to myself and others. Wow! I never knew how this entry was going to finish up.


March 7, 2011. Uncategorized.

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