Not Just a Rubber Stamper

Contests. Old attitude was why bother? New attitude is why not, it’s fun. I signed up for Favecrafts and I totally love the stuff they have on there. It really has something for absolutely every interest. Me, I get into a new thing and before I create, I plan, planning leads to buying and buying leads to trying and buying more.

Stamping: remember stamping? Yes,’course ya do, we never stopped only found different ways to use them, make our own, and share. Well Favecrafts had a review on a fun little accessory for stamping with clear stamps. Go there for the full review and the comments some of us posted on what we think it could be usefule for, how it changes our current stamping art techniques etc. Ooh I really want to try it out on ribbon stamping. Wouldn’t I like to see that perfected? I am always trying to duplicate my labels and generally end up with something similar to the last one, no two alike.

I like a healthy competition so head to FaveCrafts enter the contests, check out the site oh and there is more than stamping trust me. Seems like every artistic discipline is covered in one way or another.

If I can say so, it’s nice that people do this review service for inventions. I am big on consumer reports. Not that you or I always can, but when possible take time to comment on their review, participate in the contests, and spread the word. Let’s keep them encouraged so this internet thing does not become flavorless. I love advertisers, but I want to hear from consumers and testers just like me.

More forward steps


March 7, 2011. Uncategorized.

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