Knit Together

Another one of my new little loves is Knitting Paradise which is just what it says.  Knit and Crochet are both shared.  Remember:  in some countries Knit & Crochet are the same thing.  Making loops with string people.  No snobs invited.

Once I got all signed up, I started to receive an email with a links page that tells me what the popular topics are being or that had been discussed that day.  First I thought, not one more thing to do, No not one more page to keep me from my work!!!  The topics have been interesting and the people are quick to help and share.  I don’t post much there, but as I can I will be a visitor there lurking as I am a very good lurker.  Actually I prefer ‘Observer’ and ‘Sponge’.  A question was posted simply asking, “How long have yo been knitting?”  Unintentionally I posted in my usual overly verbose fashion. (smirk)  Really I just like to share.  Now I will share with you the story as posted on Knitting Paradise.

I had to go look at my Ravelry page to find out the answer. lol I have been knitting for about 15 years. Always wanted my own knitting needles, even before I was sure I wanted to knit. While at a flea market I bought someone’s WIP which really was just a huge Fire Engine Red skein of yarn, red Heart, but NOT it was hard like sand paper, then it had 2 shiny new green Susan Bates needles size 7, and it came in what I think looks like a Fat wine bottle tote with a hole in the top to pull the yarn through.

Anyway, I could not get the hang of it, the instructions only had photos, no words. That evening it was mother and son time so I struggled along with it while my eldest son was pouring out his thoughts and dreams and before I knew it he grabbed the work and the needles and looked at the diagram and figured out how to knit while I figured out how to help him solve his problems and achieve his dreams. When we were done talking, I said to him “Uuuhmm, can you teach me how to knit?” and he said “Oh is that what this is?” WOW!!! Then he actually did teach me. At that time he could not read, but was very good with visual instruction. I needed words or an instructor. The thing we knit is something only a mother could love, well a son could love it too. When we have things on our mind we pull it out and take turns stitching back and forth. Stitch count not important, dropped stitches are charm, the odd shaping is called natural.”

So how long have you been knitting?  How long have you been wanting to knit?  Please post your answers in the comments, I would love to read up on your experience.


March 11, 2011. Tags: . Knit.

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