The Morgan

The Morgan is the product of a commissioned project. A co-worker at my hubby’s job asked if I could make a beach bag in a week for a 9 year old. She is so sweet (co-worker) and wanted a plain old canvas bag in cream & blue with seashells and maybe a palm tree or some starfish. I was not all together bored…..but not all together willing to do it. All I thought was PINK CAMOflauge!!!! with pink sunglasses & flip flops or sandals to match plus a matching beach wrap, beach towel (matching of course) and and and she said ok!!!! She basically said ok to pink camo & some flip flops and had a sketch of the bag shape she wanted.

People!…. I know about some 9 year olds and then some, but I kept doubting myself about this bag. I did not want it to be a sack or a half circle or unlined. I made 8 patterns, went back settled on the 4th version and then wanted pockets for electronic stuff & magazine etc. Oh, and the bag needed to be personalized with the name. Can I tell you that I fought with the bag from day 1 until day 7? Even the handles were a chore. Not hard, just a chore to decide how I wanted them to be.

Final decision was an opened U-shaped bag, maybe more of a half-circle, inside plain canvas, outer Pink camo, horse hair handles that were first wrapped in black vinyl and then covered in the pink camoflauge. Black vinyl so the horsey hair pokies don’t stab through. Name was not able to be embroidered – just not enough time but I did embroider a barefoot shape and do the vinyl letters inside of the foot print. Of course embroidered in hot pink.

– sadly I did not get a picture of the bag after it was assembled and before handing it off.

Story ended with a very happy 9 yeard old, jealous friends who want their own bag and a mother that might end up borrowing (stealing) her daughters bag and being MORGAN for a day. That’s all a girl could ever ask for.

Not sure if the pattern will be for sale, but you can inquire if interested. I could use testers.


July 20, 2011. Tags: . Sew.

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