Threads from Both Worlds

The debate continues over sewing vs. knitting
crocheting vs. knitting
embroidering vs. tatting

I suspect that our threads, fabric and fibres are just happy as larks all tucked away together next to sewing needles, crochet hooks, stitch holders, knitting needles, thimbles, shuttles, crewel needles, looms and the like. It’s our job to push the envelope in each of the mediums and join them together if we like to, have the patience and the balls to do so.

Earlier I was checking out some dishcloths, towels, and face cloths on Ravelry. Some are knit & some are crocheted. They are all nice, usually I cheat and go for a pattern that has all one discipline. You know like all knit, all crochet or even all sewing. When I sew cloths, I stray from the pattern, usually because I want it to be BIGGER. Anywho, I came across the cutest little round spikey dishcloth. What happened next is classic and now I have my work cut out for me.

Sent an email to a student looking to do round knitting and who needs to brush up on their sewing skills with a link to the CUTTING EDGE CLOTH .  She can’t imagine how this will work.  We are facing to nevers #1 never knitted and created a round thing #2 never knitted in segments and combined them with sewing to create a round CREATION.  I am going to take this opportunity to do some additional teaching.  I am going to video myself using this pattern from yarn selection.  My student is of the gotta have it now age and forgets she has me to nudge her along if the projects are not progressing.  Nobody nudges me to finish my WIPs **tears**.  I am not going to let her out of this project that I know she can do and it’s good for her.

I was happy to stumble onto the blog a tip was to use Red Heart super saver yarn if you are knitting cloths up for dischcloths – I know from experience that acrylics get soft to the touch once washed, but their scubby properties stay in tact. I like the cotton for bathing and also for furniture cleaning & polishing.  happy stitching & scrubbing all.


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