Wedding Dresses

I am doing a wedding dress. Not for me for a client. Adding a corset back and looking all over the net for pics and tutorials. Mostly because it is now a common request and I wanted to do something different.

I would love to come upon a gallery of corset back dresses and tutorials for inspiration. There are a lot of talented people out there. Here is one and I love the idea of the underdress with corset. Now it may be Eduardian, but it is currently Haute to me. I love it.


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Ready, Set, Sew

I had this brain stormy idea to paint my sewing table. Well one of them. It is smallish, brown laminate and cheap. Rather than sanding I am using a product called TSP (trisodium phosphate) that scratches of the shine so you can get right to painting and have no or minimal dust particulates in your area. It’s not quite the temp I would want to be out in the yard doing prep work in. My shop is only a few doors away from my home, still I don a hat, coat and scarf to tip toe over here.

Tell me why does there always have to be a problem? No matter how well intended the project no matter how faboulous the prep? Why Why Why? I just aced myself out of a good week of sewing at that little table. It is my favorite ergonomically correct instrument besides my chair. It is steady, roomy enough to have two machines on and just enough space for a tool tray. I would not put a machine on it again until at least thirty days! I am a freak about paint curing with good reason. I sat a tracing wheel down on a shelf before the paint had hardened properly in mid summer, next time I went to grab it, I grabbed an arm full of shelf and the wheel was stuck. Then I had to sand, clean and repaint and wait the proper time. My temporary table and area are setup, I am just not ‘hearting’ it right this moment. Avoiding

What am I doing instead of machine sewing? Twittering, bedazzling and lots of hand sewing. I do love to stitch by hand. If the stitches are not spot on, that means I get to use my little seam ripper and do it again. Can be fun when not in a hurry or over a deadline. I was also cleaning out some things and will probably have a small stash sale. I have fabric for almost every nation and holiday, that I know I have seen plenty of to last me a few lifetimes.

It’s spring and I am right on target…cleaning, organizing, sprucing, painting, bedazzling and yes sewing.

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Knit Together

Another one of my new little loves is Knitting Paradise which is just what it says.  Knit and Crochet are both shared.  Remember:  in some countries Knit & Crochet are the same thing.  Making loops with string people.  No snobs invited.

Once I got all signed up, I started to receive an email with a links page that tells me what the popular topics are being or that had been discussed that day.  First I thought, not one more thing to do, No not one more page to keep me from my work!!!  The topics have been interesting and the people are quick to help and share.  I don’t post much there, but as I can I will be a visitor there lurking as I am a very good lurker.  Actually I prefer ‘Observer’ and ‘Sponge’.  A question was posted simply asking, “How long have yo been knitting?”  Unintentionally I posted in my usual overly verbose fashion. (smirk)  Really I just like to share.  Now I will share with you the story as posted on Knitting Paradise.

I had to go look at my Ravelry page to find out the answer. lol I have been knitting for about 15 years. Always wanted my own knitting needles, even before I was sure I wanted to knit. While at a flea market I bought someone’s WIP which really was just a huge Fire Engine Red skein of yarn, red Heart, but NOT it was hard like sand paper, then it had 2 shiny new green Susan Bates needles size 7, and it came in what I think looks like a Fat wine bottle tote with a hole in the top to pull the yarn through.

Anyway, I could not get the hang of it, the instructions only had photos, no words. That evening it was mother and son time so I struggled along with it while my eldest son was pouring out his thoughts and dreams and before I knew it he grabbed the work and the needles and looked at the diagram and figured out how to knit while I figured out how to help him solve his problems and achieve his dreams. When we were done talking, I said to him “Uuuhmm, can you teach me how to knit?” and he said “Oh is that what this is?” WOW!!! Then he actually did teach me. At that time he could not read, but was very good with visual instruction. I needed words or an instructor. The thing we knit is something only a mother could love, well a son could love it too. When we have things on our mind we pull it out and take turns stitching back and forth. Stitch count not important, dropped stitches are charm, the odd shaping is called natural.”

So how long have you been knitting?  How long have you been wanting to knit?  Please post your answers in the comments, I would love to read up on your experience.

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Some Turbulence (via News)

You've probably noticed that the ride has been a bit bumpy on the past week with a widely covered DDoS attack last week and then another interruption a few hours ago from an unrelated network maintenance issue. Our core mission is enabling the world to publish, and anything that affects the availability of your site or dashboard impedes that. Anything less than 100% availability drives us to work harder. Rest assured that behind-the-scenes … Read More

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Not Just a Rubber Stamper

Contests. Old attitude was why bother? New attitude is why not, it’s fun. I signed up for Favecrafts and I totally love the stuff they have on there. It really has something for absolutely every interest. Me, I get into a new thing and before I create, I plan, planning leads to buying and buying leads to trying and buying more.

Stamping: remember stamping? Yes,’course ya do, we never stopped only found different ways to use them, make our own, and share. Well Favecrafts had a review on a fun little accessory for stamping with clear stamps. Go there for the full review and the comments some of us posted on what we think it could be usefule for, how it changes our current stamping art techniques etc. Ooh I really want to try it out on ribbon stamping. Wouldn’t I like to see that perfected? I am always trying to duplicate my labels and generally end up with something similar to the last one, no two alike.

I like a healthy competition so head to FaveCrafts enter the contests, check out the site oh and there is more than stamping trust me. Seems like every artistic discipline is covered in one way or another.

If I can say so, it’s nice that people do this review service for inventions. I am big on consumer reports. Not that you or I always can, but when possible take time to comment on their review, participate in the contests, and spread the word. Let’s keep them encouraged so this internet thing does not become flavorless. I love advertisers, but I want to hear from consumers and testers just like me.

More forward steps

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Movies -Wham bam Interesting Ma’am

I remember going to the movies when I was a kid. Usually with friends and we had our minds all made up about how we were going to probably cry or die or whatever. Movie experience is not the same anymore. Anticipation is eh, participation is eh. Maybe they are giving away too much during the promos or maybe I just hate being told what to do. I am not going to review or bash any movies at this time, in case you are wondering, but I will say that I took the bait from some of the films I have heard of over the past few months. This here person is lost.

When I say lost I don’t mean like I was distracted and stepped away and came back and just could not follow along, I mean lost as in not even sure how they got on the silver screen let alone my meager home type screen. This is what I am thinking. Maybe it does not work when they promoter tells you about how you will cry, or be riveted, or what foreign audiences did before, during or after the movie. I know one thing, I am just going to always have emergency stitch work along with me. I can knit or crochet by match light if called upon.

While I love all the fancy awards shows, mostly for the fashions, and effects I think I will continue to choose movies based on my own interest. What they call Blockbusters are not busting my block.

Enter stitching…family troubles called on me to be still and available. Mostly mended and repaired from one tiny area of my home instead of my shop. Needed to be by the house phone, cell phone, and internet at all times. I knit and crochet during a spell of Twittering. Excellent distraction from the horrid movies. I have this cute little idea for Easter things for babies. For motivation watched ‘The Secret’ which is not such a secret anymore. The content on that DVD really gets my blood pumping and the imagination growing, and my feet and hands moving. I highly recommend it. It’s not a movie, it’s ‘The Secret’. I hope to attract safety, health, well-being, prosperity, and abundance to myself and others. Wow! I never knew how this entry was going to finish up.

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Amazing Grace Slideshow

TripAdvisor™ TripWow ★ Amazing Grace Slideshow ★ to Lancaster, Saint Louis and Pontiac by Eliza Johns. Stunning free travel slideshows on TripAdvisor

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Trying to make a family slide show that does not have too many ads or questions before people can view it.  My Gram just passed away a month ago today and I made a small slideshow for the church services and the repast.  I am doing a family tree and the pics are helping.  There is so much more work to do, and many other cities to add.

So now I have Sewing WIP’s, crocheting WIP’s, knitting WIP’s and this digital family photo album WIP.  Plan of action is to pace myself and have it together, edit some pics and get different music for the final production.  My long term goal is to have it ready to share by Gram’s birthday or Mother’s Day which ever is first.

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Thread World

I have taken to taking my yarn and needles and hooks and other artsy stuff out and about with me.  I attended a Black History Symposium yesterday, and since I have a lot on my mind and in order to keep calm inside and be in the moment I carried my new little Feather and Fan project along with me.  While on Twitter I picked up some new blog interests such as newstitchaday he teaches people to stitch one day at a time.  I have never really been much into lace, but after looking at the crystal clear video and seeing the super simple instructions  it made me want to do it.  I chose a modified pattern with no repeat and a fine yarn.  They are to become socks for a little baby girl.   So during the waiting time at the event, some of the long speeches and longer entertainment segment I knit away.  People were smiling and kids were very interested.  One little boy got closer to me and just dreamily watched and then reached out and touched the end of one of my sticks.  Oh, man you could not tell me I was not making magic.

My evening was filled with more stitching and I switched over to crochet.  Before I could begin this little boot making project I had to rip out the pair that I had already made.  Here are the ripped out ones, stuffed with men’s handkerchiefs and no fur added, since they are getting ripped anyway.  Cute I think I could have given them away, but I can’t spare the yarn right now.

Again these little gems are for a little baby girl – my Granddaughter.  Soon she will be too big for this cutsie stuff and we will have to start making sweet sassy stuff.  Any way the pattern is based on this one.  When I say based I mean based.  Mine have their own little look.  Maybe I should say it has its own look.  I only made one last night, started the second, but fell asleep.  Asleep after a few hours of surfing for more blogs and tips.  Mostly for my students or fellow enthusiasts of thread arts.  People are not always the best at googling, yahooing, or binging to tap in to the plethora of help on the internet’Oshpere.  Spent a good bit of time on knitting on the net.  I can’t take credit for it as my own find, I was pointed over there accidentally.  Ends up being a happy accident.

When my little booty boots are done I will post them on Ravelry and probably here too.  Wish me luck, it would be a shame if I acquire 2nd boot syndrome.

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What isn’t happening?

This 2011 has started off with unrest, unease and unsurety.  All of my life I have been aware that we may be over here on our continent, but the rest of the world is still very connected to us and us to them.  Egypt is so heavily on my mind.  While out and about this week I heard some really passionate and UN-spun opinions from people that are not drive by news enthusiasts.  The discussions are so indepth and I really fealt like my little town had its own little United Nations.  People here are from everywhere and since Egypt is homeland to them or their loved ones they stay in touch and consider themselves to be active.  They moved here for lots of reasons, some would have wished to return someday and others not, they are passionate about USA affairs, Egyptian affairs and the betterment of all people.

I really am proud of people for standing up for their rights, fairness and betterment of not just themselves but of others.  For those that are not plugged in to the world this will seem like news to them in 20 years.  News can be boring, but so can life and we keep tuning to that.  Let us all engage and take interest in this thing called earth and encourage our children and friends to read the news of lands far away.  People of lands far away (not soooo far though) take interest in us and know our history when they come over to our land.  Many of us have dreams of travel, to a place because of whatever reason and never take time to know some history of the place and its people, some of whom are of the same people.

Engage more, care deeply, judge less.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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