Greener as you Sew

Ever looking for ways to be frugal and smart. There is not a lot of storage in my shop, and even if there was I would still want to not stuff it up with excess. I am looking for tips on ways to be efficient and have less waste. This would be for all needle arts—–no for all of my interests, but primarily sewing, knitting & crocheting.

1. Before buying patterns, look through collection for it or an adaptable one.
2. Before putting away fabric, measure and log it
3. Before buying fabric check log and stash
4. Plan small projects to donate for charitable contributions using fabric on hand
5. Rotate machine maintenance to do 2 machines in the same day rather than all at once.
6. Instead of cutting out patterns, use the trace/transfer method.
7. Use buttons from collection rather than buying more.

That is enough for now, but I am going to keep adding. What are your suggestions?


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