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The Marketplace is open and I am trying to shop. I know the site is having problems, but man when it gets the kink worked out I intend to make it my business to know the nuances of the system so I can be a better help to my family and others. I’m ready for some change(s). Amen

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Block 9: netting ribbon – Textured 4-patch quilt

This really caught my eye and might actually get me quilting again. I want to use this technique in bags and one of a kind jackets and blouses. Thanks Teresa

Sewn Up

Close up

Block type: 4-patch

Block size: 10 1/2 inches

Colour scheme: reds, greens and neutrals

Texture/fabric manipulation: ribbon manipulation


  • two red 6 in squares
  • one 6 in green squares
  • one 6 in cream square
  • approx 2 1/2 yards of 3/8 in cream ribbon

Making the netting

Take the cream square and make a mark in the middle for reference.

Cut the ribbon slightly longer than 6 in and place as per picture.

Pin to hold in place.

Stitch close to the edge.

Add 2 more pieces of ribbon to each side making a weaving pattern and stitch in place again.

Now, finish the pattern as per picture below. As you can see I have left one side without crossing the ribbon because I’ll be cutting the square in half in that direction.

Place the pale green square on top of the ribbon face of the cream square, ie…

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Japanese Knot Bag Sewing Tutorial & Pattern

Sewing Gifts on Time Sewing Bee Site ~ all around the world members are making the Japanese Knot Bag together this weekend or working on other projects. Sewing in solidarity is an excellent way to bust through your stash.  It’s a Yahoo Sewing Group/Community that I don’t necessarily participate much with, but I keep up to speed on the activities and Holy Scnmoly! do they say Busy as Bees! If you like to ogle finished object (fo’s) or need a partner to sew with cyber sewing is something to consider ~ and as always ~ SPAMMERS NEED NOT APPLY!

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In case you forgot how to play with your feet.

THE SEWING DIVAS sewing, design, fashion

Using the rolled hem foot is easy as pie – with just a little practice. You can’t beat this foot for a quick, neat hem on lightweight fabrics!

Step 1: Using the size of your foot as a guide, turn and finger-press a double hem at the edge (or your starting point if you’re hemming in the round)

Step 2: Without putting the hem into the scroll of the foot, sew your hem for about a half-inch, just enough to anchor it. Stop with the needle down.

Step 3: Using an awl or your seam ripper, guide the fabric into the scroll.

Step 4: While keeping your edge straight and feeding the fabric evenly into the scroll, complete your hem.

If you are making napkins or a similar project where you’ll have to hem over a previously hemmed area, do the same as before. Simply finger press the starting point…

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Threads from Both Worlds

The debate continues over sewing vs. knitting
crocheting vs. knitting
embroidering vs. tatting

I suspect that our threads, fabric and fibres are just happy as larks all tucked away together next to sewing needles, crochet hooks, stitch holders, knitting needles, thimbles, shuttles, crewel needles, looms and the like. It’s our job to push the envelope in each of the mediums and join them together if we like to, have the patience and the balls to do so.

Earlier I was checking out some dishcloths, towels, and face cloths on Ravelry. Some are knit & some are crocheted. They are all nice, usually I cheat and go for a pattern that has all one discipline. You know like all knit, all crochet or even all sewing. When I sew cloths, I stray from the pattern, usually because I want it to be BIGGER. Anywho, I came across the cutest little round spikey dishcloth. What happened next is classic and now I have my work cut out for me.

Sent an email to a student looking to do round knitting and who needs to brush up on their sewing skills with a link to the CUTTING EDGE CLOTH www.sew-funky.com/2008/06/04/cutting-edge-cloth/ .  She can’t imagine how this will work.  We are facing to nevers #1 never knitted and created a round thing #2 never knitted in segments and combined them with sewing to create a round CREATION.  I am going to take this opportunity to do some additional teaching.  I am going to video myself using this pattern from yarn selection.  My student is of the gotta have it now age and forgets she has me to nudge her along if the projects are not progressing.  Nobody nudges me to finish my WIPs **tears**.  I am not going to let her out of this project that I know she can do and it’s good for her.

I was happy to stumble onto the blog www.sew-funky.com a tip was to use Red Heart super saver yarn if you are knitting cloths up for dischcloths – I know from experience that acrylics get soft to the touch once washed, but their scubby properties stay in tact. I like the cotton for bathing and also for furniture cleaning & polishing.  happy stitching & scrubbing all.

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The Morgan

The Morgan is the product of a commissioned project. A co-worker at my hubby’s job asked if I could make a beach bag in a week for a 9 year old. She is so sweet (co-worker) and wanted a plain old canvas bag in cream & blue with seashells and maybe a palm tree or some starfish. I was not all together bored…..but not all together willing to do it. All I thought was PINK CAMOflauge!!!! with pink sunglasses & flip flops or sandals to match plus a matching beach wrap, beach towel (matching of course) and and and she said ok!!!! She basically said ok to pink camo & some flip flops and had a sketch of the bag shape she wanted.

People!…. I know about some 9 year olds and then some, but I kept doubting myself about this bag. I did not want it to be a sack or a half circle or unlined. I made 8 patterns, went back settled on the 4th version and then wanted pockets for electronic stuff & magazine etc. Oh, and the bag needed to be personalized with the name. Can I tell you that I fought with the bag from day 1 until day 7? Even the handles were a chore. Not hard, just a chore to decide how I wanted them to be.

Final decision was an opened U-shaped bag, maybe more of a half-circle, inside plain canvas, outer Pink camo, horse hair handles that were first wrapped in black vinyl and then covered in the pink camoflauge. Black vinyl so the horsey hair pokies don’t stab through. Name was not able to be embroidered – just not enough time but I did embroider a barefoot shape and do the vinyl letters inside of the foot print. Of course embroidered in hot pink.

– sadly I did not get a picture of the bag after it was assembled and before handing it off.

Story ended with a very happy 9 yeard old, jealous friends who want their own bag and a mother that might end up borrowing (stealing) her daughters bag and being MORGAN for a day. That’s all a girl could ever ask for.

Not sure if the pattern will be for sale, but you can inquire if interested. I could use testers.

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Sew Influential

Talk about being a product of your environment!!! I have been watching a lot of shows like Camelot, A Game of Thrones, The Borgias, The Tudors and any other thing like it. So my clothing and hair jewelry are taking on the charm of those times. I love beaded hair nets and long dresses with godets and lace. Just because of the nature of my work I don’t get to sew much for me, but I do crochet shawls and hairnets any chance I get. For the dresses, I modify maxi dresses and sun dresses to capture a little of the days of old. Go figure a sassy gal like me harkening back to olden times for style and inspiration. Hmmmm, guess it’s not really a stretch the women were modest in dress, afforded themselves the time to get dressed, and spent hours pouring over the perfect fabrics and trims from which to get dressed.

Side effect – my English gets better and more annoying as the weeks go by.

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Greener as you Sew

Ever looking for ways to be frugal and smart. There is not a lot of storage in my shop, and even if there was I would still want to not stuff it up with excess. I am looking for tips on ways to be efficient and have less waste. This would be for all needle arts—–no for all of my interests, but primarily sewing, knitting & crocheting.

1. Before buying patterns, look through collection for it or an adaptable one.
2. Before putting away fabric, measure and log it
3. Before buying fabric check log and stash
4. Plan small projects to donate for charitable contributions using fabric on hand
5. Rotate machine maintenance to do 2 machines in the same day rather than all at once.
6. Instead of cutting out patterns, use the trace/transfer method.
7. Use buttons from collection rather than buying more.

That is enough for now, but I am going to keep adding. What are your suggestions?

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Fashion Faux Pa

I got to thinking about the origins of fashion rules. The other morning I was answering some questions from 365 Days of sewing question of the week or of the day. It got me thinking of all the fashion rules that have been broken and really look good. Like plaid with polka dots, or polkas and stripes, animal print with neon colors. Some days when I am observing people in there wares I really have to deconstruct what they are wearing to figure it out. If I am deconstructing, that means I don’t know what the hell I’m looking at, but mommy likey!!!

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